Services at Research Parks

Our services could be split into the following four categories:
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+Laboratory management

  • Material Handling
    • Dock management – receiving and shipping; order verification; palletize outgoing orders; un-palletize large incoming orders, uncrating materials
    • Delivery - deliver to laboratory, remove packaging, confirm and track receipt
    • Import/Export capability
    • Supply chain management
  • Inventory Management
    • Stock room maintenance
    • Determine reorder point and lead times
    • Spectrum Bio maintains back up supplies of commonly used items
    • Off-site management of company inventory

+Chemical Management

  • Procurement support
    • Order chemicals and reagents
    • Researches sources and costs for hard to find items
    • Orders from vendors where we have established exclusive pricing or from your preferred vendor
    • Track orders and provide feedback
  • Chemical Receiving
    • Manage on-site receipt of all chemicals
    • Maintains MSDS information
  • Hazardous Waste management
    • Preparation of required paperwork for disposal
    • Collect, prepare, and schedule chemical waste
    • Collect, prepare, and schedule biological waste
    • Collect, prepare, and schedule radiological waste
    • Collect, prepare, and schedule animal carcass waste
    • Arrange for receipt of all documentation and tracking for disposed items for regulatory purposes

+Support Services

  • Glassware washing and management
  • Laboratory coats/uniforms laundry service
  • Office supply management
  • Media preparation services
  • Trade show coordinator and exhibit booth storage and shipping
  • Gas cylinder management
  • Arrange and schedule PM and calibration for equipment
  • Supply dry ice
  • Autoclave service for instruments
  • Packaging of special requirement shipment, such as those needing dry ice, labeling and arranging for pickup
  • Drinking water service
  • Bundle invoices for one payment
  • Document management
    • Compliant Document shredding
    • Storage of hardcopies in secured location

+Compound Management

  • Weighing compounds to standardized vials and tubes
  • Dissolution of research compounds for plating
  • Plating and replicate plating for high throughput screening
  • Long term storage of compound libraries in environmentally controlled conditions
  • Distribution of research compounds to third party screeners
  • Bar code application and tare vials and bottles
For a full overview of our services at reasearch parks please see the following files:
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BioPark's Services at Research Parks PDF
BioParks Services at Research Parks Slideshow
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