Bonnie L. Robeson, Ph.D, M.A.S., President/CEO
Dr. Robeson has more than 20 years of experience in the drug discovery area. She has both a Ph.D., and an advanced business degree in management from Johns Hopkins University.  For more than 16 years Bonnie worked for a government contractor to the National Institute of Cancer. Her most recent position was Director of North American Operations for SPECS and BioSPECS B.V., an international company supplying products and services to drug discovery companies.
Dr. Robeson is also an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University.  She teaches Operations Research, Statistics for Business, and Marketing Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.

William E. Brockett, B.S., M.B.D., Vice President
Mr. Brockett has more than 26 years of business experience. Mr. Brockett holds both a degree in economics and divinity. Bill has worked in the capacity of a buyer/marketing director for over 120 stores, and as the national catalog marketing director for a large national retail store. Mr. Brockett also is a successful entrepreneur, which includes owning three McDonalds restaurants. Mr. Brockett's responsibilities at Spectrum BioScience include marketing, finance and logistics.

Ronald Tenaglio, B.S., Laboratory Supervisor

Mr. Tenaglio is Laboratory Supervisor for Spectrum BioScience.  His responsibilities include setting up laboratory space, organizing the installation of equipment, overseeing the daily operations of the laboratory including organizing work activities, assignments, and schedules.  He also coordinates student help, maintenance of all equipment, supply ordering, and serves as the point of contact between Spectrum BioScience and Frostburg State University.  Mr. Tenaglio is a USEPA Fellow and has 22 years of laboratory experience in environmental science, 15 of which were in supervision, and 5 years in the private sector as an e-commerce coordinator. 

Spectrum BioScience is a member of the National Association of Scientific Material Managers and
the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories

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