Service Offering:
Spectrum Bio will provide best-in-class processes and facilities with highly trained and experienced personnel to provide customers with complete compound management solutions, from creating and storing barcoded product inventories to analyzing and plating individual compounds for assay by our customers. These services allow research scientists to dedicate greater focus on research and development activities. Spectrum Bio’s total compound management solutions free our customers to focus on their core business; discovering and bringing new drugs to market. By using the most sophisticated robotic instrumentation designed with manufacturing reliability will provide the low tolerance required for the scientific research discipline.
Valued Added Services include:
- Reformatting Services
  • Weighing compounds
  • Liquid handling
    - Standardization and Miniaturization
    - Inventory Management Services
  • Storage and distribution of research compounds
  • Archive and Recovery
  • Spectrum BioScience is a member of the National Association of Scientific Material Managers and
    the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories

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